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Our lives are full of uneventful moments that are not noted in our memories, yet these time periods make up the majority of our existence. We can sum up our days, months, or years through a collection of emotional markers, but stretches in-between are often ignored in our recollection.

Evgenia's work is an investigation of the subjective experience of time and how it is interrelated with our thoughts and emotions. By opting for a disciplined , methodical and repetitive approach to the making process she attempts to give recognition to these unregistered time intervals in our lives and to create a new emotional markers.

An old photograph or basic domestic object can become an essential component to revive our memories and reconfigure the present. These sincere images, even if they may become lost in abstraction during the making method, have the potential to create a collective emotional response.


2019 - 2023      Royal College of Art, MA Print

2018 - 2019      Royal College of Art, The Graduate Diploma Art & Design

2016 - 2018      Heatherley's School of Fine Art, Sculpture


2023      RCA2023, Truman Brewery

2022      Southwark Park Gallery, Impressions

2020      Work in Progress, RCA Battersea

2019      RCA White City

2018     Fine Arts Degree Show, Heatherley's School of Art

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